Reasonable selection of equipment for automotive stamping parts processing and mold selection requirements

1. Reasonable selection of equipment for automotive stamping parts processing

Based on the actual manufacturing process, the pressure, the organization and height of the mold are analyzed, and the existing manufacturing facilities are combined. The application of the facilities and the design of the mold have a cordial relationship. The requirements are based on the associated design to determine the equipment required and determined by the associated design.

Assuming that the equipment manufactured by the application is small, the value of the stamping-related calculation is small, but when the specifications of the mold demand are large, the required facilities are relatively large.

Select according to the actual specifications of the mold, and select the equipment that meets the height and the size of the leakage hole. For mold design questions, you need to pay attention to these aspects: first, the average punching pressure and the mold; secondly, calculate the better data and calibrate the associated power; later in the bending process, for the quality of the parts, the manufacturing process needs to be calibrated to The manufacture of auto parts can proceed smoothly.

The body, inner mechanism, and compartment seats of a car are all manufactured from steel plates through a stamping process. The manufacturing process of automobile metal stamping parts is the basic technical ability of automobile manufacturing, and then it determines the cost and surface aspects of the automobile body. The more intuitive one-sided in the car composition is the car body, and it is also the tense one-sided in the car. The manufacturing process of an automobile is simply related to the application cycle of the automobile. The promotion of the stamping and restraining process of auto parts is an intense competition in the automotive industry.

Second, the material selection requirements of Changzhou stamping parts processing parts die

1. Examples of material selection for Stamping Die

At present, stamping parts die manufacturing materials can be roughly divided into: cemented carbide, rigid cemented carbide, zinc-based alloys, low melting point alloys, polymer materials, aluminum bronze, etc., to achieve a variety of stamping die forms and materials Development trend. Generally speaking, the manufacturing process of stamping parts molds mainly involves three aspects: mold working conditions determination, steel type determination, and processing. In actual processing, in order to determine the reasonable application of stamping die manufacturing materials, the discussion is carried out from the polytensin level of stamping die manufacturing links.

2. Material selection conditions for stamping die

Combining the material selection conditions of stamping parts, the requirements are summarized as:

  • (1) The mold suits the environment with certainty. As an auxiliary mold for the manufacture of automobiles and mechanical parts, molds will always accompany each link of actual manufacturing. In order to avoid the question of instantaneous mold damage in the actual application of the mold, when making material selection, it is necessary to rationalize the mold materials according to the actual application environment. Choice. If the mold application environment is high in temperature, just-bonded cemented carbide and cemented carbide materials can be selected as a choice.If the mold is later used in a highly corrosive and oxidizing environment, polymer materials, cemented carbide and other materials can be selected as a choice.
  • (2) Precision conditions for mold manufacturing. Stamping die, during the actual manufacturing period, should be generalized and evaluated according to the actual situation of later stamping product processing. If the stamping die is mainly used for automobile stamping manufacturing in the later stage, when the die is manufactured, materials with innocent cutting and good flexibility should be used as product processing, including: zinc-based alloys, low melting point alloys, etc. This selection specification is mainly In order to facilitate the processing personnel, during the processing and manufacturing period, the stamping part molds can be mold-made, and local mold accuracy measures can be taken.

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