Russia’s CPU self-research road hit a wall, can the bidding be scrapped?

Not long ago, the Elbrus processor developed by the Russian MSCT Company was favored by the railway department, and 15,000 complete machines based on this CPU were purchased at a value of 8,000 yuan each, but the business is now yellow.

According to the previous, Russian Railways purchased a batch of mainframes equipped with domestic processors, with a total of 1.08 billion rubles, a total of 15,000 computers, and a single price of about 72,000 rubles, equivalent to RMB 8,055. Each PC includes a 23.8-inch monitor, keyboard, mouse and host.

This batch of computers will be equipped with Linux system and equipped with software such as documents, forms, images and viewers. It should be no problem to satisfy the basic office performance.

The most eye-catching standard of this host is the processor developed by the Russian MSCT company – Elbrus1C+. From the MSCT official website, it is still a single-core processor with a frequency of up to 1GHz, but it integrates MGA22D to accelerate And GC25003D to accelerate the results, floating-point performance up to 24GFLOPS, double-precision performance 12GFLOPS, support for 2-channel DDR3-1600 memory, using TSMC’s 40nm process manufacturing, integrated 375 million transistors.

It turned out that this purchase was also an opportunity to support the Russian self-developed processor and PC, but the bidding was cancelled at the moment, because the Russian FAS Federal Anti-Control Bureau received a report, and SmartTechnologies reported this bidding because it could not participate in the bidding. FAS observed that the whistleblower was justified because the tender measures did not fit the type.

FAS requires Russian Railways to change the bidding requirements. It is not known whether the processor and PC developed by Russia will win the bid after the subsequent changes.

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