Santa got his COVID-19 vaccine just in time to deliver presents

2020 is destined to be a year to be recorded in history. The year has not started, the virus has been eyeing, until the bell of the new year is about to ring, the virus still clings to 2020, and seems to want to make panicked people continue to live in fear. It can be said that the news that people most want to hear this year is peace, but it is a pity that the messenger of peace has been reluctant to come to report. The impact of the virus is comprehensive. It has affected the progress of globalization. It has exposed many social problems. It has taken away many lives. It has added a thick layer of frost to the difficult economic environment. In addition, I believe that in the near future, everyone will suddenly discover that the virus has quietly changed the values ​​of countless people.When “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe” mentioned the world of Narnia that was taken over by witches, the goat monster Tumulus said: “She is the one who holds the entire Narnia in the palm of his hand. It’s her who makes this winter all year round. It’s always winter, and it’s never been Christmas.” “It’s always winter, and it’s never been Christmas.” This is the description of the tragic world of the Goat Monster. The little girl Lucy imagined the despair of the Narnia world occupied by witches. In fact, winter is not terrible. It is also a season ordained by God, and winter can also bring joy. The really scary thing is that there is no Christmas in winter. The cold in winter makes it easier for people to feel insignificant, and if a person wants to go out in winter or work outdoors, it can only be said to be a helpless choice, a hard struggle under the pressure of life. Life is always difficult, but this year is more difficult than ever, but if there is no hope in the difficult, it will be desperate. And the meaning of Christmas is that it brings true light, mercy and hope to a dark, helpless, and difficult world. With Christmas, winter becomes cute, people can get laughter in the cold, and warmth in the dark. There will be light after the dark, now look, Santa got his COVID-19 vaccine just in time to deliver presents! Every body like a kids today, waiting for his Christmas gifts: It may be family reunion, it may be an income that can provide food and clothing, it may be the health and happiness of relatives, it may be world peace…

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