Shielded flat flexible cable FFC jumper for protection from EMI

Molex Premo-Flex Shielded Flat Flexible Cable FFC Jumpers, available now from Mouser, are intended for applications needing protection from EMI.

These jumpers feature a shielded cable that guards against connectivity disturbance due to EMI, signal loss, and potential functional failures. Also, these jumpers have grounded pins that improve EMI protection, and a low-profile, ultra-thin foil aluminium shielding, and a fine pitch of 0.5mm.

These jumpers are ideal for use in a wide range of applications for medical, handheld ultrasound, infusion pumps, medication dispensers, monitoring systems, infotainment systems, automotive, LCDs, GPS devices, industrial, generators, cooling systems, robotics, consumer, cameras, phones, handheld gaming devices, home appliances, TVs, datacom, keyboards, printers, scanners, servers, routers, and computers.