Silicon capacitor offers high-performance in an ultra-low profile

Empower Semiconductor E-CAP 0402 220nF 4V Silicon Capacitor, available now from Mouser, is a high-performance, ultra-low profile silicon capacitor designed for power integrity and signal integrity in high di/dt and high-speed communications SoCs. The capacitor’s ultra-low ESL and ESR enable exceptional behaviour at high frequency. This results in the perfect match for power supply decoupling and bypassing of high-speed digital SoCs.

The EC1001P capacitor provides ultra-low thickness (150µm, not including the pads), allowing advanced assembly with strict height restrictions (processor package, BGA landside, embedded package, etc.).

This silicon Capacitor supports high stability over voltage and temperature. Therefore, the Capacitors are not subject to derating as with MLCCs.

Typical applications include decoupling in the power distribution network, voltage regulator bypass capacitor, power supply noise suppression, power integrity for high-speed IC, signal integrity of high-speed interface, high-frequency noise suppression, and applications with low-profile requirements.