Silicone Heart Cup Cake Mould And Soap Molds Made From Food Grade Silicone

silicone heart cake molds for sale, kitchen use baking mould. These cake molds are made from food grade silicone, can pass FDA and LFGB test. silicone is a better molding material than general rubber.  Silicone is more resistant to heat, chemical attacks, fungus attacks, UV and Ozone attacks than normal rubber. The silicone cupcake cake mold today I introduce to you was made from silicone. It is safe, Eco-Friendly, flexible, odorless and BPA Free.In recent years, silicone products can be found in most people's kitchens. This fully proves that silicone product is a good sales item. If you want high quality with reasonable price silicone products as new products in your store, why not contact us? We are a factory offering you OEM & ODM service.Here are some silicone mold's pictures with link, hope you can like them.1. Heart Shape Cupcake Molds
6 * 7 * 3 cm

2. Large Silicone Muffin Tray

 8.5 * 2 cm

3. Silicone Heart Cake MouldCustomized Size4. Silicone Cupcake Cake Mold Customized size
5. Heart Shape Sillicone Cake Mold20.6 * 15.1 cm6. 17.2 * 29.8 cmIf you like them, why not send a message to [email protected] here or call 020-32800306

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