Silicone Travel Bottle Set For Personal Care|Cosmetic Storage

When you want to travel you may feel irritated with your baggage, especially with the shampoo and cosmetic water you want to take.But don't be worry, here is some travel bottle set that can increase the space in your luggage. The silicone travel bottle set is made of soft silicone material. Well-made, leak-proof bottles used to carry liquids, gels, and aerosols such as shampoo, skincare cream, hand sanitizer gel, etc.

You have three sizes to choose from our silicone travel bottle,38ml、60ml、80ml. You can use different sizes for your need. You can easily put them in your wallet, backpack, shoulder bag, or inside the wheeled suitcase. Choose a suit that can hold travel essentials so you can carry everything you need with you when you travel or go out. 

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