Solution of servo hydraulic press and hydraulic press

The domestic Hydraulic Press industry is facing industrial upgrading, and the cost can be reduced at the same time of process upgrading.

The characteristics of energy saving and noise reduction of servo system have been widely recognized in the industry. Enterprises that can provide more superior and affordable equipment undoubtedly have great advantages and stand out in the wave of change. Servo hydraulic press and servo hydraulic press with energy saving, noise reduction and high efficiency will be the choice of more end customers.


  • 1. Specially developed for hydraulic press industry.
  • 2. Instead of PLC + Touch scheme, integrated button, simple wiring.
  • 3. Stable hardware platform and rich hardware resource integration
  • 4. Meet customer customization needs.

Advantages of the scheme:

  • 1. Energy saving, noise reduction, efficiency enhancement and precision.
  • 2. Convenient installation, simple wiring and simple maintenance.
  • 3. Integrated process, strong model adaptability, users can call at will; It integrates core algorithms such as pressure precision control, position precision control, multi cylinder synchronization and film pulling control.
  • 4. Rich human-computer interaction platform, adjust process parameters and fault handling at a glance.
  • 5. Can communication with servo driver to reduce wiring and improve response speed.
  • 6. Simple and easy-to-use oil circuit configuration software to meet the differentiated needs of oil circuits of different manufacturers.
  • 7. Customizable insert keys to meet the differentiated needs of different manufacturers.
  • 8. Support Internet of things system and international general communication protocol.
  • 9. Built in manipulator online function.
  • 10. It has the functions of production statistics, quality analysis, tool parameter saving and export.

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