Supervisory circuit monitors low core system supply voltages

Maxim Integrated MAX16191 Supervisory circuit is a single-channel, ultra-high 0.35% accuracy supervisor circuit designed to monitor low core system supply voltages. The reset output asserts when the monitored supply voltage falls outside of the factory-trimmed undervoltage/overvoltage threshold window. The reset output de-asserts after the reset timeout period when the monitored supply voltage falls inside the threshold window. The reset output is active-low and provides an open-drain or push-pull configuration.

The circuit nominal input voltage level is factory programmable to any voltage between 0.6V to 0.9V. It provides the flexibility to monitor a broad range of system supply voltages with the ±2% to ±5% undervoltage/overvoltage window threshold range. The undervoltage/overvoltage threshold levels are factory programmable and are symmetrical concerning the nominal input voltage setting.

It has an automotive temperature range of -40C to +125C and is available in a small, 2mm x 2mm, 8-pin TDFN side-wettable package.

Typical applications include ADAS, multivoltage ASICs, servers, and storage equipment.