Synchronous buck converter offers a flexible and cost-effective solution

Texas Instruments TPS562211 2A Synchronous Buck converter, available now from Mouser, is a flexible and cost-effective solution in a SOT583 package. The converter provides a selectable Eco-mode operation or Force Continuous Conduction Mode operation. Moreover, a selectable Power-Good indicator or external soft-start is configurable as well through the MODE pin. The device enables power sequencing by configuring Enable, Power-Good indicator, or external soft-start correctly. A 4.2V to 18V wide input voltage range provides a broad variation of common input rails, such as 12V and 15V. The device supports up to 2A continuous output current at output voltages within 0.6V and 7V.

The converter implements a fast transient response with true fixed switching frequency employing the Advanced Emulated Current Mode control topology. Facilitating an internal smart loop bandwidth control, the device offers a fast transient response across a wide output voltage range with no need for external compensation.

A cycle-by-cycle current limit on the high-side peak current shields the converter in overload situations. This feature is improved by a low-side valley current limit, which stops current runaway. Hiccup mode is triggered under OVP, UVP, UVLO protection, and thermal shutdown.

The converter is housed in a 1.6mm x 2.1mm SOT583 package and is ideal for set-top boxes, digital TVs, smart speakers, wired networking, broadband, and surveillance.