Talking about the Angle Head of CNC Machine Tool

What is an angle head

The angle head is a machine tool accessory, originally produced in Europe, and has been widely used in various fields of mechanical processing such as aviation, automobiles, and molds. Using the angle head, the machining range and adaptability can be increased without changing the structure of the machine tool, so that some machining that is difficult to complete with traditional methods can be realized, and the repeated clamping of the workpiece can be reduced, and the machining accuracy and efficiency can be improved. Angle heads are mainly used in machining centers, can be installed in the tool magazine, and can be freely converted between the tool magazine and the spindle of the machine tool.

Because the angle head expands the use performance of the machine tool, it is also called the universal angle head.

Types of angle heads

  • 1. Single-output angle head-this type of angle head is convenient for tool replacement and has high cutting rigidity. Generally, it can realize the water outlet function of the tool center for deep hole processing.
  • 2. Dual-output angle head——The angle head adopts dual-axis output, which meets the processing requirements to a greater extent, solves the trouble of manual adjustment of the angle head for processing in the opposite direction, and improves production efficiency.
  • 3. Offset angle head-the rotation center line of the angle head tool and the machine spindle rotation center line are not in the same plane, so space (installation space, work space) is reserved for a certain direction in special processing occasions.
  • 4. Adjustable angle head-the angle between the rotation center line of the angle head tool and the rotation center line of the machine tool spindle is adjustable, unlike the above three, which is fixed at 90 degrees. The adjustable angle range is generally 0~90 degrees, but there are also special ones, such as the German mimatic angle head, which can be adjusted from 0 to 98 degrees.
  • 5. Non-standard angle head-customized.

Angle head application

  • 1. When it is difficult to fix large workpieces, when used in simple processing;
  • 2. Precision workpieces are fixed at one time, when multiple surfaces need to be processed;
  • 3. When processing at any angle relative to the reference plane;
  • 4. The machining is maintained at a special angle for profiling milling, such as ball end milling;
  • 5. Hole in the hole, when the milling head or other tools cannot penetrate into the hole to make small holes;
  • 6. Inclined holes and grooves that cannot be machined by the machining center, such as the internal holes of the engine and the casing
  • 7. other

Precautions for using angle head

  • 1. When the axis of the inclined hole is parallel to any one of the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine tool, the machine tool should have the linkage function of more than two axes before it can be used.
  • 2. When the axis of the inclined hole is not parallel to the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine tool, the machine tool should have the linkage function of three or more axes before it can be used.
  • 3. Before working, the angle head needs to run at 500 rpm for 10 minutes.
  • 4. The working temperature of the angle head is 50 degrees.

Angle head manufacturer

  • 1. There is no domestic manufacturer focusing on manufacturing angle heads. Most tool and cutting tool manufacturers take into account the production and development of angle heads, and there is still a considerable gap in quality and performance compared with foreign products.
  • 2. There are many foreign countries, and the well-known ones are the German mimatic standard angle head series.

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