Technical decomposition of CNC hydraulic press

The mechanical system of CNC Hydraulic Press includes body, worktable, movable worktable, hydraulic cushion, sliding block, guide rail, guide plate and other components. Among them, the hydraulic machine body forms a closed frame through tie rods and nuts; the slider is guided by an all-steel guide rail structure; the hydraulic cushion is guided by a plane guide rail. In addition to the hydraulic cushion (ejector) and the ejector rod, the stretching hydraulic press also has a movable worktable for easy replacement of large molds.

Hydraulic machine The hydraulic system includes various oil pumps, valves, pipelines and other components. Through the coordination and adjustment between the pumps and valves, the system has the characteristics of fast speed, low energy consumption, low noise, and convenient maintenance.

The hydraulic electrical control system is composed of electrical system, monitoring system, data acquisition system, mainly including PLC controller, touch screen display, sensor parameter acquisition, data communication interface and other components. Process parameters such as pressure and stroke can be set through data processing ,Adjustment.

In addition, as the core of control, hydraulic press also includes servo control, positioning method, autonomous detection/monitoring, redundant control, correction control, etc.

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