The 2021 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference will be held in Beijing in September this year

On July 20, the press conference of the “2021 World Conference on Intelligent and Connected Vehicles” was held in Beijing. It was announced at the meeting that the 2021 World ICV Conference, the highest-standard international exchange platform in my country’s ICV industry, will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) in Beijing from September 25th to 28th.

The 2021 World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference will be held in Beijing in September this year

Image source: Official World Conference on Intelligent Networking

This ICV Conference is co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Transport, and the China Association for Science and Technology. , China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, Beijing Shunyi District People’s Government, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch, and China Electrotechnical Society.

It is understood that this year’s ICV Conference will focus on the three chapters of industrial reengineering, integrated application, and harmonious coexistence with the theme of “Introducing the New, Smart, Green, and Creating the Future”. In addition to the opening ceremony, opening forum and main forum, it will also focus on creating 1 high-end dialogue, 2 closed-door meetings, 7 theme summits, and 3 special sessions. At the same time, it will also strengthen multi-party cooperation to hold conferences and open-door conferences, so that more organizations and enterprises can participate in the implementation of the conference.

At the same time, the conference will also hold the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Achievement Exhibition and the 2021 China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Exhibition. Among them, the new energy automobile industry development achievement exhibition is themed with “praise the ‘new’ era to accelerate the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry”, and comprehensively uses various forms such as charts, objects, models, videos, sand tables, and large-screen demonstrations to showcase Breakthrough technology products and representative application scenarios show the development history and achievements of new energy vehicles.

The exhibition scale of 2021 China International New Energy and Intelligent Connected Automobile Exhibition is expected to be 50,000 square meters, and 10 professional exhibition areas are planned, including the autonomous driving demonstration experience area, the smart Winter Olympics demonstration experience area, and the car and life interactive experience area. Sort out and comprehensively Display the entire industrial chain of intelligent networked vehicles.

In addition, this conference will also hold the first national intelligent driving test competition, which will conduct authoritative and professional live test evaluations of cutting-edge technologies and models in the field of intelligent driving, commend and display the latest intelligent driving technological achievements and models, and provide research funds for government and enterprises. Build a bridge with exchanges and cooperation, and create a unique professional and authoritative test event platform.

It is reported that this year’s Intelligent Networking Conference has further innovated the conference mode, realizing the synergy of the four major sections of conference forums, exhibitions, professional events and new energy vehicle achievement exhibitions, presenting four major characteristics:

The first is the combination of online cloud live broadcast and offline exhibitions. In view of the epidemic situation abroad, this year’s conference will continue to take the form of a combination of offline conferences, cloud live broadcasts and cloud exhibitions, and invite overseas authoritative experts and representatives of heavyweight enterprises to participate in video conferences to increase the level and number of international guests. At the same time, expand the breadth of online live broadcasts to serve more audiences to enhance the visibility and influence of the conference.

The second is the combination of industry trends and industry hotspots. The topics of this year’s conference include policy standards for intelligent connected vehicles, new energy vehicles and carbon emissions, chain supplementation and transformation and upgrading, smart chips and in-vehicle systems, autonomous driving and road safety, future travel and smart logistics, and the “Belt and Road” automotive industry. Development and other more than 10 industrial hotspots.

The third is the combination of international exchanges and integrated innovation. As an important international exchange platform for the global ICV industry, the World ICV Conference has always insisted on deepening exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad. This conference not only invites domestic and foreign dignitaries and industry leaders to discuss industry trends and corporate practices online or offline, but also focuses on creating international cooperation roundtable forums, joint initiatives of international organizations and other links to promote domestic and foreign intelligent networked vehicles. The coordinated development of the industry.

Fourth, the combination of exhibitions and professional events. This year, the exhibition has adjusted and innovated in the overall planning. Relying on the whole industry chain, focusing on the collaborative innovation of vehicle, road, network and cloud maps, ten new professional exhibition areas are planned. At the same time, the national intelligent driving test competition will be held for the first time, and sub-competition areas will be held all over the country before the exhibition. , the exhibition period will hold the finals. The competition is fully coordinated with conference forums and exhibitions, providing support and enriching content for the creation of the “Never Ending World Conference on Intelligent Connected Vehicles” to enhance the influence of the conference.

The World ICV Conference has been successfully held for three sessions since its inception in 2018, and has gradually become the largest, highest-level and most influential international exchange and cooperation platform in the global ICV field. It is understood that the permanent venue of the World Intelligent Connected Vehicle Conference is Shunyi District, Beijing, which provides comprehensive service guarantees for the conference.

At present, Shunyi District has built the Shunyi Base of the National Intelligent Vehicle and Intelligent Transportation (Beijing-Hebei) Demonstration Zone. The total mileage of open test roads in the district will reach 720 kilometers, attracting many enterprises to carry out autonomous driving tests here, such as Robotaxi, unmanned delivery Demonstration operations, etc. Focusing on the intelligent networked automobile industry chain, the demonstration area has gathered a number of key enterprises such as BAIC New Technology Research Institute, BMW R&D Center, Ideal Automobile R&D Headquarters, Meituan, Wanji Technology, and Nebula Interconnection.

According to the introduction of the guests at the scene, Shunyi will rely on the 100 billion-level automobile industry, based on R&D design, vehicle manufacturing, core components and other foundations, to build 5G communications, vehicle-grade chips, intelligent hardware, cloud computing, high-precision maps, Beidou navigation, etc. The industrial chain is integrated and innovative to form a 100 billion-level intelligent networked automobile industry cluster.

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