The Application Of Carbon Fiber Board in Drone

With the advantages of low density, high specific strength and specific modulus, good high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance, carbon fiber composites have been widely used in the design and manufacture of general aircraft such as the widely use of the carbon fiber board in Drone.Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are widely used in the field of general aviation because of their features of economy, safety and easy operation.Unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) are playing an important role in earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation, meteorological observation, traffic supervision, border patrol and land and resources monitoring.Carbon fiber composite structures used in small and medium-sized uavs include sandwich structure, laminate structure and pipe structure.The fuselage beam and tail strut are mainly made of laminate or winding tube structure, and the structure of the body is mainly covered with honeycomb sandwich or foam sandwich structure with carbon fiber panel.The fuselage and wings of China’s first new energy drone, thunderbird, are also made entirely of carbon fiber composites.

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