The Best Reusable Straw Silicone Straws Wholesale Restaurant

Amazon top seller silicone straws introductionDo you need straws?Now we can supply silicone straws.This prosuct is made of food grade silica gel, it is contact food safety.Working temperature: -40~230 degreeBeatiful bright color available. Silicone products manufacturer, straws suppliers supply you the reusable straw. It is one of the top selling products on Amazon, it will be a good new products for your store.We are not only a straw factory but also supply other products such as silicone promotional gift, silicone baking tools, silicone cooking tool sets etc.Welcome to contact us to put an order!30% depositCan printingg logoHaving strong R&D force, we are a silicone products company accept customized order.
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