The relationship between micro-lubrication technology and environmental protection and energy saving

Micro-lubrication technology has obvious advantages over traditional cutting fluid lubrication and cooling technology.Significantly reduce the discharge of waste fluid and cleaning fluid; use a very small amount of lubricating oil; shorten the processing time by XNUMX%-XNUMX%; extend the service life of cutting tools by XNUMX-XNUMX times or more; improve the surface quality of the processed parts; equipment operation and maintenance costs obviously decased.The more obvious advantage of this technology is that it conforms to the development of the times: energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, and escort for green manufacturing.

The application of micro-lubrication technology conforms to the trend of energy saving and emission reduction green manufacturing.The discharge of metal cutting coolant can account for half of the domestic industrial wastewater discharge. The use of micro-lubrication technology can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the metal cutting process, and even achieve close to zero discharge.This is of great significance to the cleanliness and environmental protection of groundwater resources.This technology not only guarantees the advantages of wet processing, but also is more effective, energy-saving, and emission-reducing.

The application of micro-lubrication technology is the general trend, and the internal demand of enterprises is becoming stronger, which is facing opportunities and challenges for the micro-lubrication industry.At present, the domestic metal cutting processing machine tool has a huge inventory, and hundreds of thousands of new machine tools are put on the market every year. Most of the machine tools need to use micro-lubrication technology. Mass market demand is the source of the vigorous development of the industry.

Compared with the traditional lubrication industry, the micro-lubrication industry is a new high-tech industry, calling for more like-minded people to join in.In view of the huge environmental benefits that micro-lubrication can bring, the government is urged to introduce relevant subsidy policies for the energy-saving of industrial lubricants and the discharge of industrial waste oil and liquid.

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