Thermoelectric coolers for opto, lidar and more

Mouser now stocks the OptoTEC OTX/HTX thermoelectric coolers from Laird Thermal Systems. Providing next-generation thermoelectric materials, the OptoTEC OTX/HTX Series provides a 10% boost in cooling capacity, higher temperature differential, and greater efficiency than standard thermoelectric coolers.

The series are miniature thermoelectric coolers providing high-heat pumping capacity and enhanced temperature stability for space-constrained optoelectronic applications. Offering precise temperature controls with up to 10W of cooling power, the series maintains a temperature differential of up to 82C at Qc = 0, with a hot side temperature at 50C. The OTX thermoelectric cooler is intended for operating temperatures up to 120C, while the HTX thermoelectric cooler utilises a higher-temperature construction to operate in temperatures up to 150C.

The series surpasses Telcordia GR-468 CORE qualifications to endure harsh mechanical and environmental test standards and manufacturing process controls, providing high repeatability and long-life operation. The tiny devices, offered in footprints as small as 3.3mm x 4.9mm, are particularly designed to control the temperature of heat-sensitive optoelectronic components employed in optical transceivers, lidar, CMOS and IR range sensor applications.