UK made: E3D wins workforce growth award

“We’re absolutely delighted to receive a TV SME 100 Growth award, and particularly this one: our workforce is absolutely essential to our success,” said E3D head of product strategy Clare Difazio. “We’ve recognised this even more so over the Covid-19 era and its many challenges the team has risen to. We increased our workforce by 57% in 2020/2021 and forecast strong company growth over the coming 12-14 months, which will only be possible through significant further recruitment and retention.”

In 2020 the company expanded production out of its main building to a dedicated unit at the business park. “In pre-pandemic times this would have been a big enough task,” according to E3D. “During a pandemic, it became an astronomical task, and we’re incredibly proud of the production team for making it happen as efficiently and safely as it did.”

Thames Valley SME 100 Growth Index Awards recognise the region’s top SMEs turnover between £1m and £20m. There were six awards this year: Growing the workforce, Growth, over £10m, Growth, under £10m, ‘Leadership through challenging times, Tech company of the year’ and One to watch.

Since its launch in 2012 selling custom hot-ends for 3D printers to hobbyists, it has grown to supply parts to professional 3D printer makers and users, without loosing its maker community customers.

As well as making parts, it acts as a distributor of electronic components for 3D printers, including mother boards from fellow UK manufacturer Duet3D.

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