Ways to prevent blockage of engraving machine spindle Upload to:10-08 2021

  The main shaft of the cnc router machine is blocked by water cooling, which is mainly caused by the blockage of the main shaft of the cnc router machine. You can stop the operation of the equipment first, and then use the air gun to repeatedly dredge the circulating cooling water circuit. After the dredging is completed, replace the circulating cooling of the cnc router machine main shaft chiller. Water (pure water or distilled water) prevents the formation of scale while filtering impurities in the water to ensure that the water quality of the spindle chiller is clean and enhance the cooling effect of the chiller. There are many ways to prevent clogging of the water-cooled spindle of an cnc router machine. Here are some commonly used methods to prevent clogging:

  1. The circulating water in the water pump must be replaced every day, which can also reduce the flow of impurities into the spindle, thereby reducing the plugging of the spindle of the miniature jade cnc router machine. Do you know computer jade carving machine?

  2. Ensure clean water quality. A filter screen can be added before the water pump to filter out impurities, or a small water purification filter element can be used to filter impurities. Generally, more than 60% of impurities can be removed.

  3. If the main shaft is blocked, don’t panic. You can use an air compressor blow pipe to connect to the main shaft water inlet pipe of the mini jade cnc router machine. Blow the air several times or adjust it to blow, and the water pipe will be cleared several times.

  As long as you pay attention to the above three points, you can avoid the blockage of the engraving spindle or the poor cooling effect of the water circulation. So, what should I do if the water circulation of the spindle of the cnc router machine is blocked?

  1. Turn off the water pump, connect the air pipe of the air compressor to the water outlet of the main shaft, clean the residue inside the main shaft with high-pressure air, blow for a while, then connect the water pump for water circulation, and then use the air compressor to repeat the previous steps, repeating several times in a row. Generally it can be solved;

  2, or blow through with an air gun, increase the power of the water pump, and thicken the water pipe;

  3. The water quality of the water cycle is best to use barreled purified water, which can ensure that there are no impurities or scales. If you use tap water, you must pay attention to frequent replacement;

  4. Always pay attention to the water temperature of the water circulation. Too high water temperature will not have the effect of circulating cooling and affect the performance of the spindle motor.

  The above points are some of the faults that the water circulation spindle motor of the cnc router machine will often encounter. When facing these problems, the customer can solve the problems better and faster by troubleshooting them one by one according to the above troubleshooting methods. The machine and equipment can resume engraving processing faster.

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