What are the maintenance methods of the punch

What are the maintenance methods of the punch

Punch is a kind of processing equipment, and its application field is also very wide. So its daily use is also inseparable from normal maintenance and repair. Do you know the specific content? Let’s take a look at its maintenance methods:

  • 1. Check whether the distribution box and switch are leaking; this must be remembered, electricity safety is very important, and before using the machine, be sure to check whether there is any leakage in the distribution box.
  • 2. Check whether the protective baffle is deformed or falling off; if there is any abnormality, we should stop and install it first, and the machine can operate normally only after it is installed.
  • 3. Check whether the pipeline of the deep throat press is deformed, whether the joint is leaking, and whether the fixing is loose; if this happens, check it immediately.
  • 4. Check whether the transmission flat belt of the deep throat punch is damaged and whether there is tension. In some cases, we need to replace it in time.

We not only need to check the above content, but also check whether the mechanical transmission part of the press is loose, abnormal wear, deformation, fracture and other abnormal phenomena. This is also a very important content, so as to ensure that everyone can operate and use for a longer time.

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