What are the principles of machining parts ?

When we do anything, we have certain principles. We just don't know if everyone has paid attention to it. In our daily life, I don't know if everyone understands the principles of cnc machining mechanical parts? Its processing principle has the following points.
1. First process the reference surface. During the processing of the CNC machining parts, the surface used as the positioning reference should be machined first so as to provide a precise reference for subsequent processing as soon as possible. Called "benchmark first."
2. Divide the processing stages. Surfaces with high processing quality requirements are divided into processing stages, which can generally be divided into three stages: rough CNC machining, semi-finishing and finishing. The main purpose is to ensure the processing quality; it is conducive to the reasonable use of equipment; it is convenient to arrange the heat treatment process; and it is convenient to find the blank defects when it is convenient.
3. Face first and then hole. For boxes, brackets and connecting rods, planes should be machined first and then holes should be machined. In this way, the holes can be machined in a plane position, the accuracy of the plane and hole position is ensured, and the CNC machining of the holes in the plane is facilitated.
4. Finishing, the workpiece after finishing for precision CNC machining parts.
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