What are the technical regulations for the production and processing of stamping parts

What are the technical regulations for the production and processing of Stamping parts

Stamping parts have gradually entered our daily lives. Everyone’s regulations for stamping parts are getting higher and higher, and the technical standards for stamping parts production and processing are getting higher and higher. Let’s discuss what are the technical aspects of stamping parts production and processing. Rule it.

1. Chemical composition analysis and metallographic inspection

Analyze the composition of the chemical molecules in the raw materials, determine the grain size level and uniformity level of the raw materials, identify the levels of dispersed cementite, strip structures and non-metallic materials in the raw materials, and inspect the raw materials for shrinkage, looseness and other shortcomings .

2. Raw material inspection

The raw materials for the production and processing of stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (led by cold-rolling) sheet metal material. The raw materials of metal stamping parts must have quality certification documents, which ensure that the raw materials meet the required technical standards. When there is no quality certification document or for other reasons, the metal stamping parts manufacturer can select the raw materials to carry out re-inspection.

3. Molding characteristic experiment

Carry out bending experiment and cupping experiment on raw materials, measure the cold work hardening index value n value and plastic deformation strain ratio r value of raw materials, etc. In addition, the experimental method of forming characteristics of thick steel plates can be based on the forming characteristics and experimental methods of cold-rolled steel plates. The requirements are carried out.

4. Strength inspection

The strength test of the metal stamping parts selects Rockwell hardness tester. Small and medium-sized stamping parts with a complicated appearance can be used for testing. The floor plan is not large, and it cannot be tested on the general desktop all-in-one Rockwell hardness tester.
Metal stamping parts have the characteristics of thinness, uniformity, lightness and strength, and the precision of metal stamping parts reaches the μm level.

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