What do you know about sealing ring of Water dispenser?

In the market , superstructure of some part of water dispenser are unreasonable .the entrance is very loose ,big void .and air inlet is no filter unit .there are many dust, Little blackbeetle ,mosquito and ant will enter the water dispenser . It will Pollution water and harm to healthy .Many famous water dispenser manufacture are take some measures . The water dispenser are adopt Water intake apparatus with silicone sealing ring and set the whole air filtration device . It can effective protect water from dust and worm . Buying a water dispenser , you can ask whether is silicone sealing ring and air filtration device .

Water dispenser is belong to protection against electric shock “I” class appliances , and contact with electric conductor water . The safety performance requirements of water dispenser are very highand must obtain the national electrical product certification .the component which contacts with water of water dispenser should be made of food grade materials . The sealing ring is made of food grade silicone materials .the customer should choose the water dispenser with the Health department certificate .


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