what fault CNC machine tools often occur ?

As we all know, cnc machine tools by the mechanical, lubrication, cooling, chip evacuation, hydraulic, pneumatic and protection and other components, widely used in our processing industry, then CNC machine tools often occur what fault? The following high-speed CNC engraving and milling Machine manufacturers to tell you the technical staff:

Common faults are host fault and electrical control system fault two kinds:
A host failure
1, due to mechanical parts damage, poor connection and other causes of failure.
2, due to rail, spindle and other moving parts of the interference, excessive friction and other causes of failure.
3, due to mechanical parts installation, commissioning, improper use of the operation caused by mechanical transmission failure.
4, poor lubrication, hydraulic, pneumatic system blockage and poor sealing of the pipeline, is a common cause of host failure.
5, the host failure is mainly manifested as: transmission noise, poor machining accuracy, running resistance, mechanical parts do not move, mechanical parts damaged and so on.

Second, the electrical control system failure
From the type of components used, according to common customs, electrical control system failures are usually divided into "weak" and "strong" fault two categories:
1, "strong electricity" part refers to the control system of the main circuit or high voltage, high-power circuit in the relay, contactor, switch, fuse, power transformers, motors, electromagnets, travel switches and other electrical components and their Composition of the control circuit.
2, "weak" fault has hardware failure and software failure of the points. Hardware failure refers to the various parts of the integrated circuit chip, discrete electronic components, connectors and external connection components and other failures. Software failure refers to the hardware under normal circumstances there are mistakes in the action, data loss and other failures are common: the processing error, changes or loss of system procedures and parameters, computer operations and so on.
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