What is the blanking sequence in the processing of metal stamping parts?

What is the blanking sequence in the processing of metal Stamping parts?

Those in the metal Stamping processing industry are well aware that the surface oil on metal stamping parts comes from the lubricating oil of the mold. The mold must be lubricated during the initial processing. This will inevitably cause a small amount of processed parts to be stained with oil. There are various polishing, cutting, anti-rust oils, etc., which seriously affect the use of stamping parts.

In order to better solve this problem, the following three treatment methods are provided for you. Professional metal stamping parts processing

The principle of oil removal is: saponification reaction and non-saponification reaction. The former is used to treat animal and vegetable oils and reacts with alkali to dissolve in water. The latter is mainly used in industrial degreasing methods such as hardware products.

  • 1. Alkaline solvent degreasing method: When the surface oil stains of metal parts are mixed with alkali solvents, emulsification reaction occurs. The advantage of this method is low cost, but the disadvantage is that the effect is weak and the speed is slow, so it is compared in the modern stamping industry. Use less.
  • 2. Organic degreasing method. This method has a quick effect and has a strong effect on the mineral oil on the surface of the stamping parts. It can dissolve the oil in water in a short time and remove all of it. Common reagents are: toluene, trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, gasoline, etc. It has an obvious role in large-scale industrial applications and gradually replaces traditional methods; but there are also obvious shortcomings, such as rising costs, strong volatility, flammable, explosive and toxic, and environmental pollution. This method still depends on the specifics. product demand.
  • 3. Electrochemical degreasing method. Different from the above two methods, the principle of electrochemistry is more environmentally friendly, has no side effects, and has high efficiency. The stamping parts are placed in alkaline electrolyte, under the action of direct current, the surface tension of the solution is reduced, and it penetrates the oil film surface of the stamping parts, generating ionization to precipitate hydroxide ions, and completely dissociate the oil. But this method is suitable for metal parts before electroplating.

Arrangement of blanking sequence with progressive die

  • 1. First punch holes or notches, and then blank or cut to separate the blanking piece from the strip. The holes punched out first can be used as positioning holes for subsequent processes. When the positioning requirements are high, the craft holes (usually two) dedicated to positioning can be punched.
  • 2. When the fixed-pitch side edge is used, the trimming process of the fixed-pitch side edge is arranged at the same time as the punching, so as to control the feeding distance. When using two fixed-pitch side blades, they can be arranged one after the other or side by side;

Sequence arrangement when multi-process blanking parts are blanked in a single process

  • 1. The blank is separated when blanking, and then punching or notching. Then continue the positioning of the process, the benchmarks should be consistent to avoid positioning errors and dimensional chain conversion. Professional metal stamping parts processing
  • 2. When punching holes of different sizes and close to each other, in order to reduce the deformation of the holes, punch the large holes first and then the small holes.
    After the process plan is determined, necessary process calculations and selected equipment are required to provide the necessary basis for mold design.

The above are the 3 methods for removing oil stains on the surface of metal stamping parts. The stamping process can be selected according to specific needs. PTJ Hardware has been producing metal stamping plants for more than 20 years. The surface treatment methods are comprehensive and the cleaning is fast. Welcome to consult and cooperate.

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