What is the practicality of vacuum adsorption of woodworking cnc router machine Upload to:09-17 2021

  Woodworking cnc router machine has ordinary tabletop splint type and vacuum adsorption type. How practical is the vacuum suction woodworking cnc router machine?

  1. Open the vacuum valve and do the next test. You will find that the absorption of flat wood boards is better. However, the adsorption effect of curved and uneven plates is not good.

  2. Carved wooden door products, embossed products and other impervious products have a good adsorption effect. However, the absorption effect of hollow carving products that are cut through and cut through is not good.

  3. In terms of time, manual fixation takes 2-4 minutes. The vacuum adsorption takes only 1-2 minutes. Time is better than manual fixation.

  Vacuum adsorption woodworking cnc router machine, practical performance is quite good. Users of woodworking cnc router machine can choose the most suitable model according to the products they engrave.

  There are many types of woodworking cnc router machines on the market, including plywood fixed table woodworking cnc router machines and vacuum adsorption fixed woodworking cnc router machines.

  Vacuum adsorption woodworking cnc router machine is relatively expensive. The structure of the vacuum adsorption woodworking cnc router machine is composed of a vacuum adsorption table and a vacuum pump. In the market, there are generally six partitions for vacuum adsorption and eight partitions for vacuum adsorption. The vacuum suction table is composed of a point wood board with a thickness of about 5 cm, and the material is very hard. Punch six or eight holes on the top to achieve the function of strong suction.

  Below is the vacuum pump, the general power is 5.5KW, the greater the power, the stronger the adsorption capacity. In this way, when the woodworking board is placed on the table, the vacuum suction table can directly adsorb the woodworking board. There is no need to manually fix it with a card board.

  But not all woodworking cnc router machine users are suitable for vacuum suction tabletops.

  First, it is only suitable for users who are not hollow carvings, such as wooden doors and embossments.

  Second, if it is a hollow lattice or hollow carving user, it is still recommended to fix it with an ordinary card board type table top.

  Three, the vacuum adsorption table is prone to defects such as insufficient air intake and air leakage. Therefore, a high-quality woodworking cnc router machine manufacturer must be selected.

  If you also need such a woodworking cnc router machine, you can directly consult our online customer service to serve you.

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