Wide selection of discrete semiconductors to passive components available now

Mouser is a global authorised distributor of products from Vishay Intertechnology. Offering almost 55,000 Vishay products in stock, it provides an ever-growing variety of the manufacturer’s latest products, from discrete semiconductors — including diodes, mosfets and infrared optoelectronics — to passive electronic components including resistors, inductors and capacitors.

They offer SMDY1 devices that are the industry’s first surface mount ceramic safety capacitors with a Y1 rating of 500VAC and 1500VDC. The devices provide capacitances up to 4700pF, with Class IIB humidity robustness (85C and 85% RH for 500 hours) to meet the IEC 60384-14.4 Annex I standard.

Vishay 600V FRED Pt Gen 5 hyperfast and ultrafast rectifiers provide low conduction and switching losses and are excellent for high-frequency converters. The rectifiers are designed to increase the efficiency of PFC and output rectification stages of EV/HEV battery charging stations and the booster stage of solar inverters and UPS applications. The devices are perfectly matched to work with MOSFETs or high-speed IGBTs.

T54 vPolyTan polymer surface-mount chip capacitors are offered with voltage ranges from 16VDC to 75VDC and capacitance ratings up to 2800µF (stacked capacitors). The capacitors provide high-reliability processing, including accelerated voltage conditioning, thermal shock, and statistical DC leakage screening at elevated temperature and voltage.

IHLP-2020CZ-8A automotive-grade fixed inductors are intended to perform in high temperatures up to 180C. The inductors provide excellent DC-DC energy storage up to 2MHz, making them ideal for a mixture of automotive applications, including under the hood.