Working characteristics of NC machine tools

●Adaptable to the process objects, fit the mould characteristics of products such as single piece production, provided suitable for Mold manufacturing and processing methods;

●High machining precision and stable machining quality;

●Can be multi-axis linkage, able to process complex shaped parts;

●Parts changes, generally only need to change the program can save the production preparation time;

●High precision, high rigidity of the machine itself, you can select favourable processing, high productivity (typically 3~5 times that of common machine tools);

●A high degree of automation of machine tools, you can reduce labor intensity;

●Modernization of productive management of NC machine tool using digital information processing with standard code, transmission of information, computer control method is used, laid the groundwork for computer-aided design, manufacturing and integration of management;

●Higher requirements for the operators, maintenance staff higher technical requirements;

●High reliability.

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